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Michael Fisher and Sharla Cooper, each a spirited food-prep teacher and nutrition counselor, are unusually skilled and have a magical way of inspiring their audience to fathom the depth of ideal nutrition and to appreciate the traditional nature of food and its healthful preparation.
I recommend them highly!

—Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition

Whole Foodies is a place for you to learn about whole foods, healthy cooking techniques and the “whole foodies” lifestyle. Gain confidence, intuition and knowledge in creating healthy and balanced meals with whole foods. Learn how to buy and prepare whole food ingredients, discover the connection they hold with our health and happiness, and feel inspired to eat healthy everyday. Become comfortable cooking and working with whole foods through simple and easy to follow instruction from our videos, newsletter, recipes, articles, hands on workshops and weekend cooking retreats.

Chicago Offerings by Whole Foodies Sharla Cooper

Sharla Cooper is featured monthly at Whole Foods Lakeview, Chicago doing live workshops and seminars. Check out the Whole Foods Lakeview store calendar for upcoming events.

Sharla is now accepting clients in the clients in the Chicago area, please email chaozee8@yahoo.com to contact her for a consultation.

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